Compost And Rot Information Wanaka


Did you know that around 20% of the waste that goes to the Wanaka Transfer Station is organic?

It’s pretty easy to divert this from landfill. An added bonus is that if you divert your food waste from your rubbish bin, you no longer need to line it.

Garden waste

  • you can drop off your green or garden waste for a small fee to the Wanaka Green Waste Facility, corner of Riverbank and Ballantyne Roads beside Wastebusters 
  • there are also community-run green waste facilities at Luggate and Lake Hawea – in Hawea, go to Sailz to pick up the key and pay the small fee 

Set up your own compost at home – check out Wastebuster’s info on home composting  and Dr Compost’s Facebook page to get started.

Pet waste

Try the EnsoPet Waste Composting Kit, available online from

Food waste

Food waste that goes to landfill breaks down and produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

There are easy options for “rotting” your food waste instead:

  • Bokashi bins – just throw all of your daily food waste – including raw or cooked meat, bones, citrus, eggshells, etc – into the bin with a handful of Bokashi bran. When the bin is full, set it aside to ferment for two weeks then bury it in your garden. Within another couple of weeks, you’ll have rich soil. Get your QLDC-subsidised Bokashi bins and bran from Wastebusters
  • Worm farms – require a little more care than a Bokashi bin. Get a subsidised batch of worms and all the know-how you need to start your own worm farm from Central Wormworx, [email protected] or 021 1322 964
  • A lot of food waste can go straight into a standard compost too, but generally not citrus, onions, meat or fish