Reusable food and other packaging.

Be cautious about single-use packaging that claims to be compostable. In practice, it will rely upon a well-balanced home compost heap, or a commercial composting facility (there isn’t one serving our district). It may contaminate recycling, and if it ends up in landfill, it won’t break down at all due to the lack of oxygen. The best packaging is reusable!

Coffee Cups

SUCfree Wanaka is here!

Lots of cafes around town are on board with this movement to encourage you to bring your own or sit in to drink your brew, or they provide options to borrow a reusable cup if you forget your own.

These Wanaka cafes are 100% SUCfree.


  • Big Fig
  • Fedeli
  • Federal Diner
  • Pembroke Patisserie
  • Revology
  • Velo at Bike Glendhu
  • Buzz Cut
  • The Hook
  • Cinema Paradiso

Forgot your own cup?

For a small deposit you can borrow a reusable takeaway cup from heaps of cafes round town, through AgainAgain or Wanakup.

Single-use coffee cups aren’t recyclable (or readily compostable), so find reusable coffee cups at lots of places around town.

Lots of cafes round town will give you a discount for bringing your own cup, or you may need to pay more if you take a single-use cup.

  • Kitz Design, 1 Umbers Street
  • The Central Store – Zuperzozial brand
  • Originz – Cuppa Coffee brand
  • Simply New Zealand, 3 Helwick Street – Cuppa Coffee brand
  • Wonder Room – Joco brand – glass or ceramic
  • The Coffee Shack, 75 Brownston Street – glass, bamboo or ceramic
  • Fedeli – Keep Cups and Wanakups
  • The Good Spot, 34 Anderson Road – Keep Cups and Wanakup
  • Little Black Caravan, 15 Gordon Road – glass Joco and Wanakup
  • Health 2000 – bamboo cups
  • Wholefood Haven – Pukka cups

Tea flasks

Pick up a travel tea cup or insulated flask with integrated strainer from Wonder Room, Health 2000 or Wholefood Haven

Drink bottles

Get reusable metal drink bottles at:

  • Revology Concept Store
  • Health 2000
  • Kitz Design
  • Simply New Zealand
  • Wonder Room
  • The Central Store
  • Soul Food (upstairs)

Find reusable glass water bottles at Gifted Design Store

Lunch boxes

  • Find stainless steel lunchboxes at Soul Food (upstairs), Fedeli or Revology Concept Store
  • Get ceramic lunchboxes with sealing plastic lids from Wonder Room
  • Buy a glass takeaway salad bowl with fitted plastic lid for your lunch from Fedeli (then get great prices for refills)


  • Get reusable metal straws made in Wanaka from upcycled food-grade steel dairy pipes at Metalworks Wanaka
  • Soul Food, Fedeli, Wonder Room, Health 2000 and Wholefood Haven also have metal reusable straws


Reuse Bags From Plastic Free Wanaka
  • Find our popular Plastic Free Wanaka reusable cotton shopping bags at lots of retailers around town, including Soul Food, The Coffee Shack, New World, Health 2000, Wholefood Haven and Wanaka Pharmacy
  • Find Onya bags made from recycled plastic bottles at Soul Food, and reusable bags made from recycled plastic at Wonder Room
  • Get Rethink reusable 100% organic cotton produce bags at Wholefood Haven or Sailz Lake Hawea General Store
  • Visit Revology Concept Store for a selection of organic cotton and mesh produce and shopping bags and a range of upcycled bags
  • You can also find reusable produce bags in the produce section at New World, Wonder Room or Soul Food, or make your own from (washed) old net curtains!
Waste Free Fair Plastic Free Wanaka (8)

Cling film / sandwich bags / tin foil

  • Reusable snack bags: locally made by Remarkabubz at the Wanaka Artisan Market Munch brand from Soul Food (upstairs)
  • Silicon pot/ bowl covers – form a vacuum seal and withstand up to 220 degrees, so can be used for roasting – at Kitz Design or Wonder Room or from local Norwex distributor

Beeswax wraps

A great alternative to cling film:
  • Locally made by Remarkabubz at the Wanaka Artisan Market
  • Lily Bee Wrap brand at Wonder Room, Hunt & Gather brand at Soul Food, Latitude brand at Fedeli, Munch brand at Health 2000 and Earthware brand at The Coffee Shack
  • Or make your own!  Follow our instructions here
    • Find cotton fabric off cuts at Wastebusters
    • Get beeswax from Wholefood Haven, Soul Food or order a 1kg block from Wilpure

Postage Bags

Find certified home-compostable postage bags from upstairs at Soul Food

Takeaway lunches

  • Take your own container when you buy your lunch – most places round town will thank you for this – we’ve tried Yohei Sushi, Aki Sushi caravan, Adam & Eve, Fedeli, Big Fig, Sushi Mi, Soul Food, Dripping Bowl… just ask!
  • How about setting up a lunchbox library at work, so there’s a container to grab if you forget yours?
  • Get a handy reusable travel cutlery set in its own cotton carry case from Revology Concept Store